packaging     |

i spent a lot of time in school working on things that were imaginary, here are a few of them:

nineteen03, a men’s skincare line that was inspired by the tradition of american craftsmanship. it is the stuff your granddad would’ve used to take the hair off his face — without taking the hair off his chest.

album design     |

david bowie’s career can’t just be broken down to a ‘best of’, a tip of the hat or a wham, bam… well, you get it. this set covers all the most important phases of his career, not just the ones that put him on the charts. if the latter is all you know of him, there’s a good chance you don’t know yourself.

repackaging    |

selecting a chocolate from a russell stover box is like playing a game of russian roulette with your tastebuds. to help take the drama out of assorted boxed chocolate, we embraced people’s individual flavor preferences and repackaged everything based on specific profiles: salty, spicy, savory and sweet.